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How to Combat Carpet Stains and Odors that Keep Coming BackIt can be frustrating to spend time, money, and effort trying to eliminate a carpet stain or odor when it just comes back a few weeks later. Maybe you tried solving the issue with a do-it-yourself cleaner, a store-bought solution, or perhaps you called a professional cleaner to tackle it. Oftentimes, the spot looks good for a week or two but then it gradually begins to reappear.

Fortunately, K & C Chem-Dry provides expert carpet cleaning in Sandy Springs, GA, and the surrounding area, so we know what’s causing this issue and how you can combat it!

Why do Carpet Stains & Odors Come Back?

Excess Moisture

If you contacted a steam cleaner to remove your carpet stain, they may have made the problem worse. Steam cleaners use excessive amounts of water to push stains deep into the carpet, making them “disappear.” Their steam cleaning equipment that is supposed to extract leftover moisture from the carpet often isn’t strong enough to remove all the excess water. So, both the stain and the water moisture remain trapped in your carpet. As your carpet starts to dry, the stain moves up the carpet fiber, causing the same stain to come back.

How to Resolve it

The next time you notice a carpet stain, contact a professional carpet cleaner that uses less water than steam cleaners. At K & C Chem-Dry, we use Chem-Dry’s unique Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) cleaning process for upholstery and carpet cleaning in Sandy Springs, GA. Our HCE process relies on carbonation to clean, so we use 80% less water than steam cleaners. 

Soapy, Dirt-Attracting Residue

Sometimes when a stain comes back, it’s not an old stain returning, but a new stain that has attached to leftover cleaning residue. Both steam cleaners and some store-bought carpet cleaning machines use solutions that clean with a lot of chemicals and soap. If too much soap is used or if your carpet isn’t rinsed well enough after, these solutions can leave behind a soapy residue that attracts dirt, bacteria, and odors.

How to Resolve it

Thankfully, K & C Chem-Dry carpet cleaning in Sandy Springs can solve and prevent this problem! Our safe, green-certified cleaning solution leaves virtually no residue on your carpet so you don’t have to worry about returning carpets stains.

Dog and Cat Urine

Your pets likely urinate in the same spot when they have accidents. You may immediately recognize when and where these accidents happen but other times it takes you a day or two to find them. When pets urinate on your carpet, the moisture sinks into the carpet fibers and the carpet padding and backing underneath. As the moisture dries, smelly, odor-filled urine crystals are left behind. Regular carpet cleaning can remove these urine stains, but the odor crystals stay trapped beneath the carpet and continue to release unpleasant odors into your home.

How to Resolve it

Our Pet Urine Removal in Sandy Springs works by breaking down urine crystals to remove pet urine odors and stains at the source. This treatment has been tested and research shows that it removes 99.9% of odors and 99.2% of bacteria from pet urine in carpets.*  

Get Rid of Carpet Stains And Odors for Good 

Are you tired of forking over tons of money to have cleaning companies remove stains that just keep coming back? Are you sick of concocting and experimenting with homemade stain removers? If so, contact K & C Chem-Dry! Our carpet cleaning in Sandy Springs works to eliminate stains and odors right the first time!

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